In a World of Subscriptions, How Zuora Matters?

A word so typical and associated with every widget in the 21st-century economy is a subscription. Type the words Subscription Economy in Google. One will come across the webpage The Subscription Economy prepared by Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO), a subscription software company out of Redwood City, California. As companies large and small transition to include a subscription-based services model to their businesses, Zuora Inc (NASDAQ: ZUO) appears an exciting prospect powering this transition. The company has grown its Annual Contract Value ($100,000 or greater) customer base from 415 in April 2018 to 694 as of July 2021.

How Might The Lockdowns Have Helped SEAS compared to SIX and FUN?

As America reopened from the lockdowns of 2020 on the backs of a successful initial vaccine campaign, Airlines and Cruiseliners were discussed as great ways to play the market. I disagreed with that thesis then and still do, but I looked at the amusement and theme park stocks as better options for their flexibility, land-based approach, and accessibility. Recent earnings results, historical attendance trends, and the quirky intersection of marijuana and excessive TV might explain why as of August 11, 2021, Seaworld Entertainment Inc (NYSE: SEAS) outperformed its peers and indices.