Why Schneider National (NYSE: SNDR)?

What if the chicken and the egg question was tweaked just a bit and retrofitted with two other nouns – road and transport. Applied to a market context, did roads enable commerce, or did the levers of business allow our current understanding of roads as they are? For one, a possible exposition derived from an industry utilizing the current system to its potential helps understand the symphonious relationship shared by two parties – “roads” and “transport.” The industry discussed is the Trucking industry.

The New Normal of Selling

The recent global pandemic caused multiple businesses to transform operations and standard operating procedures to support the “new normal.” The “new normal” includes participants familiar with a world of platforms supporting actions and behaviors that help maintain existing norms. The meteoric rise in e-commerce sales in 2020 was a function of various variables. More importantly, accelerated adoption of new technologies in the standard process of a transaction between consumer and seller in select areas of the economy provides an outlook to an evolving infrastructure.