One Doctor. Three Stocks. Ultrasound, MRI, and Proteomics.

Before being awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg received the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award multiple times for his projects, including a technology currently housed under a publicly-traded company, Butterfly Network Inc (NYSE: BFLY). In this essay, I discuss three of Dr. Rothberg’s companies, Butterfly Network Inc (NYSE: BFLY), Quantum-Si Inc (NASDAQ: QSI), and Hyperfine Inc (NASDAQ: HYPR) that have gone public through a Special Purpose Acquisition Combinations (SPAC). Hyperfine Inc is pending a successful business combination with Healthcor Catalio Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: HCAQ).

Impressive Retail Earnings. Walmart is Still So Cheap.

Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes reported and beat earnings estimates last week. For the past year, shares of Target, Home Depot, and Lowes have received much media attention for their share price performance, and rightfully so. So instead of looking at the three performers, I wanted to look at the laggard, Walmart Inc. In this post, I compare the number of retail locations to the Price to Sales Ratio to gauge the collective and highlight two headwinds that could derive positive results- An increase in SNAP benefits and Walmart Health. Included are four charts- WMT vs. TGT vs. HD vs. LOW Share Price Performance Since Jan 2020, Location Count by State, Net Sales from Q1 19 to Q2 21, and WMT vs. TGT vs. LOW vs. NOBL Share Price Performance Since Jan 2020.

July Retail Sales. Inventories to Sales Ratio Offers An Interesting Postulate.

The Census Bureau shared ADVANCE MONTHLY SALES FOR RETAIL AND FOOD SERVICES, JULY 2021, with the following headline- “Retail trade sales were down 1.5 percent (±0.5 percent) from June 2021, but up 13.3 percent (±0.7 percent) above last year.” Alongside, the Census Bureau also shared MANUFACTURING AND TRADE INVENTORIES AND SALES, JUNE 2021 that provides an Inventories to Sales ratio, which looked at historically allows for a postulation. The adoption and increased reliance on omnichannel retail practices such as app-based ordering and drive-up pickup have translated to efficient inventories.

Planet Fitness Q2 21 Earnings and Something Greater Than 95?

Headquartered out of Hampton, New Hampshire is Planet Fitness Inc (NYSE: PLNT), a franchisor and operator of about 2000 fitness centers in the United States with a market capitalization of $6.5 billion recently shared Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 results. This essay covers the following topics- What was Planet Fitness Inc Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 Earnings Like, How Franchising and Equipment Segment Revenues and EBITDA Tell Different Stories, What is Greater than 95%- Franchised Locations and My Perspective- More than a B2C, with a significant B2B mix.

How Might The Lockdowns Have Helped SEAS compared to SIX and FUN?

As America reopened from the lockdowns of 2020 on the backs of a successful initial vaccine campaign, Airlines and Cruiseliners were discussed as great ways to play the market. I disagreed with that thesis then and still do, but I looked at the amusement and theme park stocks as better options for their flexibility, land-based approach, and accessibility. Recent earnings results, historical attendance trends, and the quirky intersection of marijuana and excessive TV might explain why as of August 11, 2021, Seaworld Entertainment Inc (NYSE: SEAS) outperformed its peers and indices.