The following list contains my holdings & performance and is shared for informational purposes using Google FinanceSheets, and Data Studio. I encourage all readers to conduct their due diligence before investing in the stock market. To be clear, I am not a registered investment advisor or a professional, and neither do I pretend to be one. I am just curious about personal finance and investing and approach markets based on my personal thesisInvesting in the stock market is a risky proposition and based on individual risk tolerance. 

On the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, one can find  Determine Your Risk Tolerance. A must-read to gauge and learn one’s risk tolerance. Another resource to understand how to assess risk tolerance is the Assessing Your Risk Tolerance page by It would not be very reasonable not to include that is a great place to start learning about investing and find resources from definitions on financial terms to financial professionals. 

Past performance is no guarantee for future results. I have been investing in the market since Q3 2018. Default View is set to my current positions. To view all positions since Q3 2018, check the box labeled “No” under Holding. 

One can find my approach and thinking I applied for particular stocks in my journal. To view my full journal, click here. Content on select decisions on this page are highlighted below- 

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